To the trees

Challenge yourself at the premier tree-to-tree
park in the Northeast


that will test
your body and mind

Maybe you run marathons, climb mountains, or consider yourself a weekend warrior. You’ve never experienced this type of adventure. Try taking your skills to the trees and get a new perspective while you test your limits in a hemlock grove with over 130 individual elements on 8 individual courses designed to challenge even the most experienced outdoor adventurer.

45 Feet Above the Earth

You Will Find
Tremendous Things

Experience the next trend in outdoor adventure. See the forest from a different perspective as you ascend and traverse a variety of ropes, ladders, bridges and swings all within our forest. Find yourself soaring on several courses as high as 120' through the tree canopy and across the ravine.

Beginner courses: yellow

Start your tree-to-tree adventure traveling across a rope hammock, crawling through a tunnel, and zipping through the trees on our Fearless Grouse course.

Get Lost in the Trees on our longer second yellow course while walking across a see-saw, stepping through wooden swings, and zipping through the trees to a ground landing.

Intermediate courses: green

Move up a level to Trekker’s Reach to climb our suspended rock-wall, soar through the air on our zipping step-swing, and be a trapeze artist on our hanging trapeze element.

Gallop across our ravine riding a horse saddle on Riding High and conquer obstacles for a surprise once-in-a-lifetime ending to the ground.

Intermediate courses: blue

Soar through the air over our ravine on Ravine’s Edge, travel across a rope net spider-web, and swing on a rope into our cargo net climb.

For more of a workout check out our giant’s ladder, hanging rope loops, and balancing tight-rope above the trees on Ascending Oak.

Advanced courses: black

Challenge your patience and balance on Wild Spinney by walking across our flipping logs, meandering through the hanging stirrups, and “paddling” through the air on our infamous “Skyack”.

Advanced courses: black

Achieve the impossible and try Hemlock’s Revenge by balancing on our hanging wooden “lilly-pads”, muscling across monkey bars, and climbing up a lovely bunch of “coconuts.”

Anyone age 7 and up or taller than 55 inches is welcome to climb at Ramblewild. For safety reasons we do not allow pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or people who are over 265 lbs to climb. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult your physician—Bystanders are free to watch the rest of their group climb, so bring the whole bunch!

Our highly trained and professional staff are located strategically throughout the park and are available to you every step of the way. We use state-of-the-art belay systems to keep you continuously clipped into the elements so you can keep your mind on the climb.

Our aerial trails take about 30-45 minutes each to complete and tickets are good for three hours so you can tackle trails geared to different levels of experience or challenge yourself to beat your, or your friends’, best time.

Water is available at convenient locations throughout the park and in the lodge. Our lodge also has energy bars, beef jerky and an assortment of goodies on sale to help get you through the day. We do not provide meals, so feel free to bring your own picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy the picnic tables at the lodge. Because phones and cameras are not allowed on the aerial trails themselves, it’s a good idea to take advantage of our storage at the lodge. You’ll need your hands free on the course! If you would like meals catered, we can help arrange this with with local establishments.

Please wear comfortable and seasonably appropriate layers and closed shoes – no sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind. We provide a helmet and leather gloves at no cost for protection on the trails. In the winter you should be prepared with appropriate layers, insulated boots, insulated gloves and beanies to wear under the helmet. You will be out in the elements, so please dress accordingly.



at Ramblewild

We offer an exciting way to get outdoors and find new levels of excitement and adventure. Experience the forest at heights as high as 120’!