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Ramblewild offers programs for schools and other 
organizations that deliver meaningful curriculum.

An Experiential

Learning Destination

Set on 1400+ acres in the scenic mountains of Berkshire County, MA, Ramblewild is home to four seasons of outdoor activities that are ideal for experiential learning. Ramblewild is located within easy driving distance of New York City, Boston, Hartford, and Albany. For participating students, Ramblewild’s Aerial Adventure Park is the program’s main focus: young visitors traverse from tree to tree on 150 different elements in 8 challenge courses, for an exhilarating experience that builds self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork. The entire park is built sustainably without one single nail or screw placed in the trees – and an Indiana Jones suspension bridge crosses the property, in the middle of a pristine hemlock grove. As part of their experience, students enjoy an extensive network of hiking and snowshoeing nature trails that begin at the Ramblewild lodge and wind their way over the mountain; they are accompanied in their journey by experienced staff, and learn about the importance of our forests, modern forest management techniques and the value of conservation. The next portion of the program takes students to a 120-acre sugarbush that sources the raw material for a commercial maple syrup business and offers interesting science and technology insights. Finally, at the top of Brodie Mountain, the wind turbines of the Berkshire Wind Project are a visible display of the power of natural resources and provide lessons in energy generation and renewable energy.

Ramblewild is designed to immerse visiting students in the natural world so they leave refreshed, reconnected with nature, and full of indelible memories. Our nature curriculum has been aligned with Massachusetts STEM standards to foster strong ongoing partnerships with schools.

Special programs


With a professional staff, complete group itineraries, school discounts, and integrated lesson plans for middle and high school classes, Ramblewild makes your field trip easy, educational, and fun!

Leadership & Teambuilding Training:

We design custom programs that fit around the goals and mission of your group. With well over 100 years of collective experiential and adventure based educational experience, we offer cutting edge programming delivered by experienced facilitators in the areas of team building, communication, problem solving, and advanced leadership. Bring your group together like never before at our one-of-a-kind facility.

Park Nature Hikes:

Ramblewild is located within a 1,400-acre pristine forest with an extensive system of meticulously maintained trails. Our naturalists provide expertly guided hikes that include information about the forest habitat; flora, fauna, natural history and conservation practices all within the principles of sustainability.

Sugarbush Tour:

Ramblewild is also home to a 110-acre sugarbush that provides the raw material for a commercial maple syrup business. Harvesting maple sap is an amazing, natural process. Ramblewild provides educational tours of a maple sugarbush designed to teach students the scientific aspects of this process.

Wind Turbine Tour:

Also on our property is one of Massachusetts’ largest wind turbine projects. Our staff provides educational tours of this remarkable man-made wind farm. Students will have the chance to see the turbines from up close and learn about wind energy production.

For more information on our school programs, please contact us at 413.499.9914

Anyone age 7 and up or taller than 55 inches is welcome to climb at Ramblewild. For safety reasons we do not allow pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or people who are over 265 lbs to climb. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult your physician—Bystanders are free to watch the rest of their group climb!

We’ve designed our tree to tree trails to offer a wide range of obstacles and heights. Some trails are fairly low to the ground and others are very high. This gives everyone a chance to take risks at their own level of comfort. The aerial trails take about 30-45 minutes each to complete and park tickets are good for up to three hours so your students and staff can relax and enjoy watching and climbing together in a beautiful forest setting. Great for 2nd grades and above.

Our highly trained and professional staff are located strategically throughout the park and are available to you every step of the way. We use state-of-the-art belay systems to keep you continuously clipped into the elements so you can keep your mind on the climb.

Water is available at convenient locations throughout the park and in the lodge. Our lodge also has energy bars, beef jerky and an assortment of goodies on sale to help get you through the day. We do not provide meals, so feel free to bring your own picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy the picnic tables at the lodge. If you would like meals catered, we can help arrange this with with local establishments.

Please wear comfortable and seasonably appropriate layers and closed shoes – no sandals or open toed shoes of any kind. We provide a helmet and leather gloves at no cost for protection on the trails. In the winter you should be prepared with appropriate layers, insulated boots, insulated gloves and beanies to wear under the helmet. You will be out in the elements, so please dress accordingly.



at Ramblewild

Bring your class and experience the premier tree-to-tree adventure park in the northeast. Covering 10 acres with over 130 individual elements (zip lines, balancing logs, rope ladders, cargo nets, suspended bridges, and more,) Ramblewild offers an exciting, immersive, and unique nature experience that promotes physical well-being, builds self-confidence and teamwork, and fosters a deeper appreciation of our natural world.